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Depuis sa création en 2004, Ray est devenu le leader mondial de la dentisterie numérique, en révolutionnant les solutions d'imagerie dentaire grâce à une technologie de pointe.

Nous avons étoffé notre gamme de produits avec des imprimantes 3D et des solutions de traitement numérique basées sur la CAO/FAO en relevant, en permanence, de nouveaux défis.

À la pointe de la dentisterie numérique du diagnostic au traitement, Ray est devenu le seul fournisseur de solutions numériques complètes en Corée du Sud.
Notre compétitivité fondée sur l’innovation est reconnue à l’échelle mondiale.

Fort d’une technologie et d’une expérience exceptionnelles, Ray poursuivra son développement en continuant à améliorer ses produits et services.

Ray se projette dans l'avenir de la dentisterie, pour changer le monde.


RAY innove constamment en s’appuyant
sur la communication et continue
à progresser pour rester à la pointe des évolutions au niveau mondial.

혁신적인 변화
열정적인 협업

Collaboration passionnée

RAY a adopté une culture d’entreprise
permettant à tous ses membres d’évoluer
tous ensemble dans le cadre d’une
collaboration passionnée.


RAY inspire confiance avec des
innovations de valeur,
en plus de la technologie pure.

상호간의 신뢰



Solution de traitement numérique

Conception de couronnes pilotée par l'IA Conception pratique de prothèses.
Solution d’impression 3D au fauteuil Solution intégrée efficace.
Système de fraisage au fauteuil Production rapide des prothèses.

Système diagnostique numérique

Le CBCT 5 en 1 fournit toutes les informations nécessaires au diagnostic par l’imagerie 3D.
Le scanner facial One-shot 3D de qualité supérieure permet d’obtenir le sourire le plus naturel.
Le scanner intrabuccal haute définition fournit des données rapides et précises.
The RAYSCAN Alpha has provided great images for the past six years. One shot cephalometric X-ray images enable precise diagnosis while minimizing patient’s movement and image distortion. 3D technology gives me more information to plan orthodontic treatment, and it is also a powerful tool in educating our patients. The RAYSCAN Alpha has been one of the best investments since starting my practice in 2010.
Hyeyoung Choi, Master of Dental Orthodontic, Principal Doctor of Yonseiwoori Dental Clinic, Seoul, Korea
The RAYSCAN Alpha Plus provides 70μm voxel images, which even can diagnose fracture lines more clearly. User-friendly lighted guide system can decrease positioning failure, so patient exposure dose to take a CBCT scan can be reduced.
Hyok Park, DDS, Ph.D, Principal Doctor of Yonsei Hyok’s Dental Clinic, Seoul, Korea
I have been very impressed with our new Rayscan unit. The quality of the images is excellent and the software is very user friendly. Having 3D technology right at our fingertips has added a welcome dimension to our practice and enhanced the quality of care we can offer our patients.
Keith Harvey Mobile, AL
I have been using the Rayscan pan ceph for several months now and have been very impressed with both the quality of the images and the ease of using the machine. Installation went well and the support and training have been excellent. A very good value.
J L Wasson, DDS Memphis, TN
The latest technology from Ray has had profound benefit for us. Rayscan’s CBCT is the best I have used so far, not only in terms of image quality, but overall excellent of performance in all patient scenarios. Ray provides very good support in terms of hardware as well as software. That is very important. We have been using this machine for over one year and had no hardware problem at all – the equipment works smoothly every day. We have had some software problems, and solved them all by phone – the remote support is very good.
Dr. Victor Tsang, DDSS, Sydney, Austrailia
One thing I never had, and something I now have: is time! The time saved through RAYSCAN Solution is the financial value for me. It makes me more efficient. It smooths the process. And it improves the flow of diagnostics, communication, clarity, forward action and results. This has yielded very large benefits in many ways.
Dr. Michael Walker, Sedation Dentist, MPW Dentistry , Sydney, Australia
The RIOSensor is designed to be very easy to use. There is no other accessory besides the sensor and wire, and the probability of failure or error is very low. The image quality is very good. It offers high resolution and wide latitude, which is very beneficial for diagnosis. SMARTDent is very simple and convenient to operate, and it does not interfere with any electronic chart system.
Hyok PARK, DDS, PhD, Yonsei Hyok's Dental Clinic, Seoul, KOREA and President of Gangnam Dental imaging Interpretation Center.
This X Ray Sensor provides high quality images without any chemicals involved. It is not dependent on weather or temperature. Also this software can be easily integrated to most practice management softwares. Most importantly, if there is any malfunction with the system, they can fix your problems remotely.
Dr. Jaebum Lee, DDS, MSD, PhD, Board certified Periodontist at Edelweiss Dental Implant Center, TX, USA
Digitalize your intraoral examination with RIOSensor. It is ergonomically designed and comes in size 1 and size 2. Its durability and easy plug-and-use allow the workflow to be streamlined with high-resolution digital images.
Jonathan Kang, DDS, Prosthodontist at Plaza Dental & Implant Center, Fort Lee, NJ, USA

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